Active model shot of athlete boxing in non-toxic organic men's underwear

Designed by athletes, for athletes

Crafted for an active lifestyle

Most underwear is made from entirely synthetic materials and has been found to contain chemicals that negatively impact reproductive and overall health.

So we set out on a mission to create underwear that is comfortable, lightweight, and non-toxic. Underwear that doesn't secretly sabotage other health-first efforts.

Now you can cut out unnecessary chemical exposure and put your package in an optimal environment with NADS organic underwear.

Are you ready to go the extra mile for your health?

Picture of NADS non-toxic, certified organic, cotton men's underwear

better for you


Our underwear steers clear of normalized harsh chemicals and genetically modified fibers which can expose you (especially your boys below the belt) to harsh substances that can be absorbed through the skin. These chemicals have been linked to:

  • Endocrine Disruption
  • Decreased Testosterone
  • Infertility and impotence
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reproductive issues & more
Picture of drawer containing 6 pairs of non-toxic polyester free men's underwear

not your typical underwear

100% GOTS Certified

Conventional underwear is often made entirely from polyester, genetically modified cotton and synthetic material that can contain synthetic pesticides, phthalates, formaldehyde, perfluorochemicals, harsh chemical dyes, and other known toxins. 

NADS™ underwear is created from GOTS certified organic cotton, a small amount of elastane, and fiber reactive dyes, avoiding the intensive chemical processes too commonly utilized in conventional apparel production.

The result:

  • You can rest easy knowing your manhood is no longer under attack from inorganic underwear
Picture of natural, organic, GOTS certified cotton men's boxer briefs

Environmentally friendly


We will continue do all we can to prioritize Earth first sustainable practices across all areas of our business including:

  • Farming
  • Harvesting
  • Manufacturing
  • Finishing
  • Post finishing processes
  • Packaging & print material

Over 1000 happy healthy nuts and counting