We are lifelong best buds with an affinity toward health, wellness, and biohacking. We were fed up and refused to accept the norm of chemically riddled clothing. We realized that we needed to shift from consumer to producer and be a force of greater good for men and the (go)nads of the world.

NADS was founded to be a men's health movement. We sell organic underwear made without the use of common reproductive health-damaging chemicals and substances. This provides men the opportunity to give their nads a clean, comfortable, and healthy home.

We care about your nads. You should too.

Steve Ducey (left) & Dan Baird (right), founders of NADS.

Picture of co-founders of NADS organic underwear for men
  • "We started NADS in an effort to take underwear (the first line of defense to our reproductive parts) off of the list of unnecessary sources of chemical exposure for men. We should have the option to make better choices for our reproductive health without sacrificing comfort or style. Now we can make that choice. The stakes are high for our future bloodlines, it's up to us to choose."

    -Steve Ducey

  • "We're in the business of inspiring healthier choices. That starts with underwear. By forming habits of prioritizing our health in even the smallest aspects of our daily routine, such as choosing what underwear to wear, we build positive momentum that will extend to other areas of our lives. These seemingly insignificant decisions accumulate and have a significant impact on our overall well-being."

    -Dan Baird