Our Promise To Your Sacred Parts

We promise to provide our customers with the healthiest underwear possible. We will always design and create products with one main focus above all else: health.


    - Strength gains & muscular growth
    - Cognitive function & clarity
    - Skeletal health & bone density
    - Cardiovascular health & circulation
    - Sexual health & libido
    - Red blood cell production
    - Sperm production & motility
    - Skin, nail & hair growth


    - Strength & muscle loss
    - Slowed cognition
    - Brain fog & fatigue
    - Cardiovascular health decline
    - Decreased sex drive & libido
    - Lower sperm count/motility
    - Shrinkage & erectile dysfunction
    - & More


    • Certified organic non-GMO cotton
    • Non-toxic dyes & eco-inks
    • Global Organic Textile Standard certified materials


    • Give your package a clean, comfortable, and healthy home
    • Reduce harsh chemical exposure to your reproductive parts

  • The Standard

    GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. The rigorous criteria set forth by GOTS ensures that no shortcuts are taken in the entirety of the production process. GOTS is the global gold standard of organic certifications.

  • GOTS certified organic clothing for men

    Learn more about GOTS here

  • Why GOTS?

    Apparel can be labeled "organic" even if it only contains a minimal percentage of organic materials, & often fails to take the different steps of the production process into consideration. GOTS certified garments must adhere to the highest standard of organic testing during the entirety of the process from cotton seed to finished garment.