Our promise to the nads

We promise to provide our customers with the healthiest underwear possible. We will always design and create products with one main focus above all else: health.

  • Low Testosterone

    Male testosterone levels have dropped up to 50% over the last 3 decades. Testosterone levels are detrimentally low amongst men of all ages.

  • Reproductive Issues

    Issues such as decreased sperm count, infertility, impotence, and testicular cancer are at all-time highs and are on the rise.

  • Chemical Exposure

    Men are faced with extreme exposure to hormone damaging chemicals and toxins daily. These chemicals are hiding in plain sight.

Testosterone AKA "T"

  • Testosterone supports:

    - Strength gains & muscular growth

    - Cognitive function & clarity

    - Skeletal health & bone density

    - Cardiovascular health & circulation

    - Sexual health & libido

    - Red blood cell production

    - Sperm production & motility

    - Skin, nail & hair growth

  • Decreased T leads to:

    - Strength & muscle loss

    - Slowed cognition

    - Brain fog & fatigue

    - Cardiovascular health decline

    - Decreased sex drive & libido

    - Lower sperm count/motility

    - Shrinkage & erectile dysfunction

    - & More

Is conventional underwear really the right choice for your nads?

  • Composition

    Conventional underwear is typically made from:

    -Polyester (plastic!)

    -Traditional, inorganic, genetically modified cotton (pesticides!)

    -Synthetic, inorganic materials (not gonad friendly!)

    -Harsh chemical dyes & toxic substances

  • Chemicals & Toxins

    Commonly used in conventional clothing production:

    -BPA & microplastics





    -Toxic chemical dyes

    -Bleaches & other toxins

  • These chemicals & substances can be embedded into conventional fabrics, and often do not come out with standard machine washing.

  • Risk Exposure


    These chemicals have been linked to decreased testosterone, reproductive diseases, and many other testicular/reproductive issues.


    Underwear sits on your nads all day, every day. Through direct skin contact, you may inadvertently absorb these harmful chemicals and toxins into your body and your nads. That is a TON of potential chemical exposure on your nads.

We realized the underwear industry was failing men and their nads, and that something needed to change.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to give your nads a clean, comfortable, and healthy home.

NADS Organic Underwear is specifically designed with your nads in mind