Shocking News: What Big Brand Underwear Companies Aren’t Telling You

This new “better for balls” underwear is going viral after shining a light on what mainstream underwear is ACTUALLY doing to your balls - if you have a pair, you don’t want to miss this...

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The viral sensation started when Michael Chernow, a professional athlete, serial entrepreneur, and life coach, was spotted wearing NADS underwear in a gym-related post.

Almost immediately, the product gained widespread attention and popularity.

He shared a startling revelation: Your underwear might be sabotaging your testosterone levels.

In a passionate post, Chernow highlighted the shocking truth: big-brand synthetic underwear is loaded with toxic chemicals and harmful dyes that can wreak havoc on your health. These materials are not just uncomfortable—they're dangerous, potentially lowering your testosterone, causing skin irritations, and contributing to long-term health issues.

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“NADS underwear is made with the best organic cotton on the planet. They are insanely comfortable and easily handle my most intense workouts. That's why I've tossed my toxic big-brand undies and only wear NADS,” he says.

Chernow's message is clear:

Why risk your health with synthetic materials when you can have the pure comfort and safety of 100% organic cotton?

Don't let your underwear be the weak link in your health and performance. Switch to NADS and experience the difference that truly better-for-your-balls underwear can make.

The reason for all the excitement? NADS is dedicated to crafting the best-looking and best-fitting underwear without resorting to the harsh chemicals and toxins commonly found in conventional underwear production.

Instead, they've perfected their model and fit using only organic cotton, the safest material for your delicate areas. 🍒

That's why numerous 'high performers,' including athletes, health and wellness experts, and influencers, have made the switch to exclusively wearing NADS organic underwear.

On his social media channels, Mike Chernow expressed his astonishment upon discovering that mainstream underwear contains a laundry list of harmful substances, from toxic dyes and bleaches to BPA, microplastics, and more.

These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, potentially leading to decreased testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

Why Organic Underwear is Worth Every Penny

Big brands prioritize cost-cutting over your health, filling their products with harmful chemicals and synthetic materials. They sacrifice quality and safety to maximize their profits, leaving you to deal with the consequences.

Until recently, only affluent and well-informed individuals understood the importance of prioritizing organic cotton clothing.

How NADS Changed Everything

Their mission is to make affordable organic underwear accessible to men nationwide. They remain steadfast in their commitment to unparalleled quality, placing the health and comfort of your most sensitive parts at the forefront.

Now, the pros of wearing NADS boxers & briefs are taking the internet by storm, thanks to the benefits thousands of people are already feeling after using it

Blue organic underwear with text extolling its benefits of reducing chemical exposure.

We reached out to hundreds of real NADS customers to hear their personal stories.

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