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Better-for-Balls Underwear:

Discover Why Top Athlete’s Are Ditching Big Brand Underwear for NADS

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Mike Chernow

May 03, 2024

In Partnership with NADS

Ever stopped to think about what's really in your underwear? I'm Mike Chernow—founder, entrepreneur, professional athlete, devoted father, and loving husband—I was shocked to uncover the harsh realities behind big-brand underwear. The chemicals and dyes they use aren't just irritating; they're a threat to your health and virility. Driven by the unsettling truths about the damage these garments can cause, I set out on a mission. I needed to find a solution that wouldn’t compromise my health or crumble under the strain of rigorous training. What I discovered not only protected my manhood but also outlasted any other brand I've tried. Here’s what I found…

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Big Brand Undies Are Killing Your Libido

Mainstream underwear is riddled with harmful substances—think toxic dyes, bleaches, BPA, and micro-plastics. When you're training hard, your skin absorbs these chemicals, which can lead to serious health issues like decreased testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

As a professional athlete who values performance both in and out of the gym, discovering this was a massive red flag. How had I been in the dark for so long?

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The Best Fabric For Your Cherries

Organic cotton sets the standard. It naturally resists bacteria and wicks moisture without relying on synthetic chemicals, offering unmatched safety and comfort for sweaty activities.

Unfortunately, big brands prioritize convenience over safety to cut costs and boost profits.

NADS refuses to compromise. They stand firm in their commitment to unmatched quality, prioritizing the health and comfort of your most sensitive parts.

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NADS briefs are my top choice for workouts, surpassing all other brands I've tried so far.

Made from organic cotton, NADS allows airflow, regulating body temperature for comfort. Its absorbent properties wick away sweat, keeping me dry and irritation-free. Plus, the soft & natural feel reduce chafing, ideal for high-intensity sessions. NADS embodies the quality, performance, and comfort I seek in workout gear.

NADS is exactly what I’ve been looking for. No other brand offers the same quality, performance and comfort.

NADS knocks it out of the park—great performance, ridiculous comfort, and superior quality.

Mike Chernow
Founder, Coach, and Professional Athlete

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My Final Verdict

Real-talk, NADS is exactly what I've been looking for. 

They're breathable, buttery-soft and keep my boys not only dry, but safe! I highly recommend that you give NADS a try. There's no going back for me! They're a game changer in athletic gear, no exaggeration. For a limited time, you can stock-up using my exclusive discount code "CHERNOW15" for an extra 15% off your entire order, at checkout. Join me in experiencing the comfort, performance and peace of mind NADS offers. It's time your your top-drawer and nads got the refresh they deserve. I GUARANTEE you won’t regret it—and neither will your balls.